Carcano Grenade launcher
Model 91/28 TS Tromboncino Launcia Bombe


We were lucky enough to obtain some pictures of the grenade launcher from a reader in Canada, Dave Holmes, where these can be dewats without being torch cut in three pieces.  I have larger pics that I can send you should you want more detail but they take up to much space on the site to use them.  The launcher was placed both on the TS and Cavalry carbine.  The round used to fire the launcher was the same as a regular 6.5 round but had the end crimped as the usual grenade launcher round has.  The grenade is a 38.5 mm projectile.

As can be seen in these two photos they are furnished with only one bolt for both receivers

The sight is dual purpose and can be used for both the rifle and launcher.  The pin right behind the rear sight required that the top of the barrel be notched and these can be found on guns that were reworked when the launchers were removed.


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