The Spanish Destroyer Carbine

The original Destroyer was manufactured in about 1920.  It had no locking lugs and  used the bolt handle, locked in place, to contain the pressure.  It was manufactured in 9mm Bergmann Bayard, also known as 9mm Largo, which was a pistol caliber used in Spain at the time.  The later version looked like a scaled down model 1893 Mauser with many of the same operating features.  This version included locking lugs, except the locking lugs are on the rear of the bolt and lock in a horizontal position.  The bolt travel is also much less because of the shorter pistol ammunition.  These carbines were made to be used by the Civil Guardia, (National Police) to provide a lighter weight, lighter recoil weapon than the Model 1893, which was in use at the time.  The carbine saw extensive use in the Spanish Civil War.  While two firms are believed to have made the Destroyer, Gaztanaga y Compania and Ayra Duria, the exact number of variations is unknown. and providing some of the same information as well as additional info on proof codes and ammo.