Model 1891 Cavalry Carbine- Lowe
Carbina de Caballeia Modelo 1891
Manufactured from 1891 to 1896 when Lowe and three other companys merged to become DMW
Model 1891 Cavalry Carbine- DWM
These two carbines are fully stocked and have a forend cap with ears to protect the front sight. They also have a turned down bolt handle. Specs. are:
Length 37.0 inches; 7.20 lbs; Barrel 17.6 inches; Caliber 7.65x53mm

Model 1891 Engineer Carbine
Carbina de Ingenerios Modelo 1891
This carbine is like the one above, except it has bayonet lugs
Specs. not available at this time.

Carabina de Caballeria (Carbine of Chivalry)
Model 1909 Cavalry- with crest
Model 1909 Cavalry- with GN instead of crest (Gendarmeria Nationale- State police)
Model 1909 Cavalry- with CFS instead of crest (Federal Internal Security)
Model 1909 Cavalry- with Gendarmeria (Border Police)
This carbine was produced by DWM and Fabrica de Armas Portatiles Domingo Matheau, both with a full length stock ,and a forend cap with sight protector ears. Specs. are:
Length 42.50 inches; Weight 8.5 lbs; Barrel 21.25 inches; Caliber 7.65x53.

Model 1909 Carbina de Ingenieros (Carbine of Engineers)
Specs. are:  Length 41.75 inches; Weight 8.5 lbs.; Barrel 21.25 inches; Caliber 7.65x53.  The stock and handguard look like the M98 except they are shorter.

In 1935 Argentina Purchased Radom made WZ29's with Argentine Crest


Model 1889 with bayonet
Model 1889 Mauser Carbine with "yataghan"
Model 1889 Mauser Carbine Lightened
Model 1889 Mauser carbine Lightened with Yatagham
Model 1889/16 Mauser Carbine


Model 1894 Mauser Cavalry Carbine
This carbine has a straight wrist stock that is not full length and is equipped with a saddle ring on the bottom just behind the trigger guard. There is no bayonet lug.
Specs. are:  Length 37.38 inches; Weight 6.85 lbs.; Barrel 18.0 inches; Caliber 7x57mm
Model 1907 Mauser Carbine
This carbine has an M98 action and a short pistol grip stock with a sling swivel on the bottom. The upper hand guard runs from the receiver to just in front of the barrel band, which houses the front sling swivel.
Model 1922 Mauser Carbine
Model 1924 VZ 24 Carbine
Model 1924/34 Czech Carbine
Model 1935 Mauser Banner Carbine


Model 1895 Mauser Carbine -  Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895
This carbine has a straight wrist stock with sling swivels on the left side.
Specs are: length 37.25 inches; weight 7.50 lbs.; barrel 18.25 inches;
caliber 7x57mm
Model 1912 Mauser Carbine -Caliber 7mm Steyr
Model 1935 Carbine- Mauser Banner
Model Kar 1871 Mauser Carbine- Chinese marked


Model K71 Mauser Carbine
Model 1907 Mauser Carbine
Model 1933 Mauser Carbine


Model VZ12/33
Model 1912 Mauser Carbine - Caliber 7mm Steyr
Model 1934 Carbine( simplified model 29) 7mm Steyr Slothurn
Model 1951 FN Carbine - Caliber 30-06


Model VZ08/33 Carbine
Model VZ12/33 Carbine
Model VZ16/33 Carbine
Model 33/40


Model VZ 12/33 Mauser Carbine

El Salvador

Model VZ 12/33 Mauser Carbine


Model FM 24 Mauser Carbine
Model 1933 Mauser Carbine


Model K98K Mauser Carbine


Model K71 Carbine Germany
Model K98AZ Carbine- Germany
Model K98 2nd pattern- Germany
Model K98a Carbine- Germany
Model 1933- Germany
Model K98K- Germany
Model G33/40- Germany
Model VK98- Germany


Model 1930 Carbine


Model VZ33


Model 49 Mauser Carbine


Model 1948 98k Mauser Carbine


Model 1895 Mauser Carbine-This carbine may be marked with DWM or Oviedo, as it was made in both places.  It has a bent bolt and side mounted sling attachments with an overall length of 37.25 inches, barrel length of 17.25 inches and a weight of 7.50 lbs.  The receiver was originally marked with the crest of Mexico but it could have been removed in an arsenal refinish.
Model 1910 Mauser Carbine-This carbine is almost identical to the 1895 except that it has the large ring receiver and the front sight has ear protectors. Its overall length of 37.50 inches, barrel length of 17.50 inches and a weight of 8 lbs. The receiver is marked with the Mexican crest with FABRICA NACIONAL DE ARMAS MEXICO D.F. around it and the date of manufacture under it.
Model 1912 Mauser Carbine- 7mm Steyr
Model 1924 Mauser Carbine-
Model 12/33 Mauser Carbine


Model 1950 FN Mauser Carbine-. 308 or .30-06


Model 1948 Carbine
Model 1950 Mauser Carbine "W"or"J" crest


Model VZ12/33 Carbine


Model K98K Carbine


Model 1907 Carbine
Model 1933 Carbine

Persia- Iran

Model 30 Carbine
Model 49 Carbine


Model 1891 Mauser Carbine- Lange sight
Modelo Argentino 1891 in original configuration with Peru Crest, not reworked, with Lange sight for spitzer 7.65mm round. Probably issued to police/constabulary units. Very few imported by Golden State Arms about 1960.
Model 1891 Mauser Navy-Rifle Lange sight
Carbine, I believe correctly called a short rifle, made for the Navy from rifles in the 20's


Model 1898 Mauser Carbine- Kar 98az


Model 1885 Mauser Cavalry Carbine
Model 1899/08 Mauser Carbine
Model 24 Mauser Carbine
Model FN24 Mauser Carbine


Model 1892 Mauser Carbine
Model 1895 Mauser Carbine
This carbine has a full length straight wrist stock with a saddle ring at the wrist, front sight protector ears and a bent bolt handle.
Specs:  Length 37.0 inches; Weight 7.5 lbs.; Barrel 17.56 inches; Caliber 7mm
Model 1916 Mauser Carbine
Model 1933 Mauser Carbine
Model FR7 Carbine converted from M1916 short rifle
Model FR8 Carbine converted from M43 short rifle


Model 1894 Mauser Carbine
Specs: Length 37.4 inches; Weight 7.3 lbs.; Barrel 17.71 inches; Caliber 6.5 mm


Model 1948 Mauser Carbine


Model 1887 Mauser Carbine
Model 1905 Mauser Carbine
There are three variations of this carbine, one a long full length stocked carbine, one a short full length stocked carbine and the other a short carbine with a stock that is four inches shorter than the barrel.


Model VZ37 (937) Mauser Carbine


Model 24/30 FN Mauser Carbine


Model 30 FN Mauser Carbine

Some references for Mauser carbines and rifles are:
Mausers Military Rifles of the World by Robert W.D. Ball
The Mauser Bolt Rifle by Ludwig Olson